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 home upgradesOver the past few years, there were dozens and dozens of properties on the market. This was mainly because of the downturn of the economy which resulted in people being unable to pay their mortgages. The banks foreclosed on a vast majority of those homes but many also went to short sale. Thankfully, those days have passed. Currently, there are fewer homes on the market and that makes it a seller’s market however; upgrades can make your home sell faster and for more money.

Granite, Granite, Granite

Honestly, your home doesn’t have to have granite but it certainly shouldn’t have laminate or butcher block countertops. They’re outdated and actually, a breeding place for bacteria and roaches. Granite and marble countertops are most highly desirable at…

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There are many people who are selling their homes in Marin County that don’t realize the importance curb appeal plays in selling their homes. Some potential buyers will show up for an appointment with high hopes, only to refuse going into the house. Think about it! Oftentimes, house hunters will drive by listed properties before going to see them with their real estate agents. You wouldn’t want your home to be cut from potential buyers’ lists because it lacks curb appeal!

The Lawn

Homebuyers don’t want to pull up to an available property, only to see dying grass or overgrown lawns. A lush, green lawn is a better selling point than an unkempt, brown one. Usually, watering the lawn daily will make it green again however, if all else fails; you can…

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 For many people, selling their homes is a great thing and a way to start a new chapter in their books of life. For others, it can be sad as they look at all of the memories and friends they will be leaving behind them. Regardless of the reason you are selling your home, you will need to make it better than any of the other comparable homes that are on the market. Otherwise, your home won’t be as appealing to the buyers as ones that are priced in the same range. It’s easy to make your house the star of the neighborhood.

Put Away the Pictures

All of the wonderful family photos that adorn your walls might be comforting to you however; personal items make it hard for potential homebuyers to imagine themselves in that space. By taking the photos down and…

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