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Below is a list of common Frequently Asked Questions by sellers in Marin County. If you have any questions that you do not see on this list, please contact us and we will get back to you with an answer. Many questions are also answered in our blog.

Is now a good time to sell my home?

It depends on your goal. If the goal is to reduce costs then selling now is a good idea because prices are not going up. Unless you can refinance which is difficult now the chances of you reducing your costs without selling are slim. If the goal is a lifestyle change then why wait. Prices are not going up and if you are going to buy either up or down the opportunities to make up your losses here elsewhere are often dramatic.

Why should I use a Real Estate Agent?

In Marin County, realtors on average garner at east 8% more than people who sell themselves. The process is ponderous and fraught with litigation opportunities. You don’t pay until you sell and the buyers will look at more homes listed with agents than they will homes that are for sale privately. In addition, buyers are nervous right now and seek advice from Realtors constantly before making a decision to buy a home.

I have a friend/family member that is an agent but not very experienced, what are the positives and negatives to using them?

Inexperience is an issue in this market. We have been through 4 recessions in Real Estate and know how to deal with buyer objections, creative financing, and the marketing that is required to sell a home now.

What are the historical pricing trends in Marin?

Conservatively homes have gone up at least 6% annually over the last 40 years.

If I owe more on my house than it is currently worth what are my options?

There is a process called a short sale where we negotiate with the bank on your behalf and depending on the structure of your loans and how deep the shortfall is we have been successful at closing transactions in this way. We can also help you attempt to renegotiate with the bank depending on your ability to pay.

How can I lower my monthly mortgage payments?

It is called renegotiating your terms and based on the stimulus package recently passed banks have specific departments often found online and an application process. They work through the process of helping homeowner’s stay in their homes with lower payments.

Please contact us or view our Buyer FAQs with any other questions.

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