Tips for Selling Your Marin County Home

Posted by Alex Narodny on Friday, November 1st, 2013 at 7:11am

 For many people, selling their homes is a great thing and a way to start a new chapter in their books of life. For others, it can be sad as they look at all of the memories and friends they will be leaving behind them. Regardless of the reason you are selling your home, you will need to make it better than any of the other comparable homes that are on the market. Otherwise, your home won’t be as appealing to the buyers as ones that are priced in the same range. It’s easy to make your house the star of the neighborhood.

Put Away the Pictures

All of the wonderful family photos that adorn your walls might be comforting to you however; personal items make it hard for potential homebuyers to imagine themselves in that space. By taking the photos down and storing them away, you’ll be allowing the potential buyers the ability to envision their own pictures on the walls. This small task can make your home more desirable than the others out there.

Cut Out the Clutter

Let’s face it! Everybody has clutter. Whether it’s knickknacks on the tables or kitchen appliances all over the countertops, there’s clutter in everybody’s home. If you think back to when you purchased your home, the countertops were more than likely void of appliances, canisters and the like. The only thing that should be on a counter is perhaps a bowl of brightly colored fruit or a vase of flowers, and this is only if the counter space is large. Kitchens can make or a break the sale of a home.

Forego the Furnishings

Many people have way too much furniture inside the rooms of their homes. The ability to seat sixteen people in the living room might be important to you but it just makes the room look less spacious to potential buyers. Leaving as much floor space as possible makes the whole home look bigger. From a buyer’s perspective, bigger is better!

Keep It Clean

Nothing is more of a turn off to potential buyers than dirt. Think about it! Would you look at a home that has cobwebs in the corners, dust on the tables, dirt on the floors or dirty laundry laying around in the same way you would a home that is meticulously clean? Of course, you wouldn’t. Show pride in your home and you will win points with potential buyers.

Realtors Matter

The right real estate professional can be the key to selling your home and selling it fast. Marin Real Estate is the “go to” professional real estate company in the area. You should visit their website at to learn how they can help get your home sold quickly and painlessly! 

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