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By, Lisa Roberts

Buying a house is a big responsibility that requires professional help and proper research. It's a big step, and you should prepare for it. It's a different kind of purchase; it's not something you can sell or buy lightly. Surprisingly, many buyers regret their choice after moving into a new house or apartment. It's not the end of the world if you regret your decision; you wouldn't be the only one. Luckily, we have prepared some options to consider if you regret buying a home; so you don't feel anxious and stressed.

Contemplate selling your home

If you are unsatisfied with your new home, the best solution could be to sell it. Of course, you shouldn't jump to that decision immediately. It's better to try solving the problems…

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It would be best if you always tried to get back as much of your initial investment in the home, both monetary and emotional, as possible when selling it. After coming up with what you believe to be a fair price, it is only normal to feel annoyed when a potential buyer submits a lowball offer. What's the meaning of a lowball offer in the real estate market? How to handle lowball offers when selling your home? That is entirely up to the sellers. Some people could accept an offer that is 20 or even 30 percent lower than they seek.

Nonetheless, some sellers would consider a lowball offer an insult. Real estate professionals often think a lowball offer is 20%-50% below the asking price. Is it wise for the sellers to accept these offers?

What lowball…

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All of us have wished to renovate our homes, to make some changes that we thought of as useful and wise. Huge home projects may bring more comfort to our living space or make our home look prettier. Still, they also bring huge expenses. What's more, have you ever considered whether those changes would prove as good or bad investments? It is not a rare case that something in which we put a lot of money eventually turns out to be a complete disaster for our budget. Here we go with a list of the top 6 worst ROI home improvements you can make.

1. Remodeling your kitchen

When people think about remodeling their homes, most would first come up with the idea of a kitchen renovation. Whether you need new cupboards, a lovely wooden dining table you saw…

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