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By, Lisa Roberts

Leaving the workforce behind for good is an exciting time in the life of any person. However, it also means that you'll have to make some decisions regarding your lifestyle and finances. One of the biggest questions that future or current retirees have to answer at this point is where to live in their golden years. So, we decided to help out and list all the factors to consider before buying a home in retirement.

This is a big decision, and you can't afford to make it lightly. Even things like resale value factors are still important. So, it doesn't matter if you're thinking about downsizing or if you want to make the stakes higher and relocate to another state; here are the things to which you need to pay attention.


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By, Lisa Roberts

When you're selling your home, your mind usually focuses on where to move and what kind of profit you'll achieve from selling it. And if it's your first time selling, you're probably anxiously waiting to learn just how much money you'll have in your pocket at the end of everything. So, if you want to plan everything correctly, you need to find out more about the unexpected costs of selling a home.

What many homeowners and sellers don't understand is that this process is neither free nor cheap. If you have thought about all the resale value factors to consider before buying a home, you can earn a lot. That is a thing no one disputes. However, you'll have to spend some money along the way no matter what. And here's where that…

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