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Buying a home is always an exciting decision, but it is one that takes a bit of diligence and a great deal of patience.  There are many homes available in towns across California and even in Marin County alone.  San Anselmo homes for sale offer the ideal blend of modern sophistication and suburban charm, providing prospective home buyers with a location that is certainly something special.  Whether you are seeking a glamorous and sprawling home or a smaller family accommodation, you will find that San Anselmo offers it in style.

The many San Anselmo homes for sale are quite unique, but each offers a special design.  There are certainly a fair share of prefabricated homes in the town, and especially in the Sleepy Hollow area, but even these homes offer a…

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Interest rates are at historic lows but cyclical trends suggest they will soon rise. Home buyers may never see such a chance again, writes Marc Roth

By Marc Roth – Business Week

Well, you may not be stupid or broke. Maybe you already have a house and you don't want to move. Or maybe you're a Trappist monk and have forsworn all earthly possessions. Or whatever. But if you want to buy a house, now is the time, and if you don't act soon, you will regret it. Here's why: historically low interest rates.

As of today, the average 30-year fixed-rate loan with no points or fees is around 5%. That, as the graph above—which you can find on—shows, is the lowest the rate has been in nearly 40 years.

In fact, rates are so well below historic averages…

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redwood-tree-2004-07-19-250w_333Mill Valley is in the heart of southern Marin County, and has a magic all its own. The town is located near the bay, and is occasionally concealed in fog, but for the most part it is well known for its wonderful climate. Summer days almost never go above 90 degrees and generally stay in the mid 70’s, and the winter temperatures average in the mid 50’s. The rainy season runs from November through March, and the summer time can be quite dry.

The Mill Valley California real estate market is a luxury market, well known for its upscale homes and lifestyle. Part of the reason for this is the incredible landscape surrounding the town. Bordered by State Parks and recreation areas, the surroundings are full of hiking and nature trails, and is home of the annual…

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Here we are into December and our last update called the economic outlook as "guardedly optimistic" and that opinion still holds. There is hope for recovery although no one expects the economy to spiral upwards in the coming year. There are too many unknowns with tenuous Wall Street reacting to every bit of news that comes out of the White House and the Commerce Department.  As far as Marin real estate is concerned we are seeing a warming trend in sales and home prices. We are seeing homes in every price range selling and buyers picking up some incredible buys with cheap money. The fact that rates are at an historical low (5 year ARM's at 4%!) is keeping us busy and with the right guidance in pricing and marketing, sellers are moving on and putting on the…

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