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It would be best if you always tried to get back as much of your initial investment in the home, both monetary and emotional, as possible when selling it. After coming up with what you believe to be a fair price, it is only normal to feel annoyed when a potential buyer submits a lowball offer. What's the meaning of a lowball offer in the real estate market? How to handle lowball offers when selling your home? That is entirely up to the sellers. Some people could accept an offer that is 20 or even 30 percent lower than they seek.

Nonetheless, some sellers would consider a lowball offer an insult. Real estate professionals often think a lowball offer is 20%-50% below the asking price. Is it wise for the sellers to accept these offers?

What lowball…

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All of us have wished to renovate our homes, to make some changes that we thought of as useful and wise. Huge home projects may bring more comfort to our living space or make our home look prettier. Still, they also bring huge expenses. What's more, have you ever considered whether those changes would prove as good or bad investments? It is not a rare case that something in which we put a lot of money eventually turns out to be a complete disaster for our budget. Here we go with a list of the top 6 worst ROI home improvements you can make.

1. Remodeling your kitchen

When people think about remodeling their homes, most would first come up with the idea of a kitchen renovation. Whether you need new cupboards, a lovely wooden dining table you saw…

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Are you ready to take the plunge and buy a home? Homeownership is a big commitment, so it's important to do your due diligence and make sure you're as prepared as possible for the home buying process. Here are three important steps that you should take to ensure you're ready to buy a home.

1. Analyze Your Financial Situation

The process of buying a home isn’t typically a snap impulse purchase. There are a lot of steps to buying a house that have to be made months or even years in advance, especially if saving up for a down payment is involved.

Take a look at your current financial status starting with the ‘why’ behind your decision to look into buying a home. Some people prefer to spend their money on a mortgage payment that costs just as…

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What Is a Mortgage?

By, Brian Skewes

A mortgage is a type of loan intended to finance the purchase of a property, such as a home. It may also be used to refinance an existing home loan. The property involved serves as the collateral to secure the loan. If the borrower defaults or fails to fulfill payments, the lender can foreclose and take ownership of the property.

The debt acquired through a mortgage is lowered through monthly payments in a process known as amortization. These payments cover both the principal amount borrowed and the interest rate imposed by the lenders.

Once the mortgage has been fully paid off, the borrower retains full rights and ownership of the property.

How Mortgages Work

A mortgage is an excellent choice for…

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In order to compete in the present real estate bidding wars caused by a lack of available properties, many buyers are forgoing the traditional practice of conducting a thorough property inspection. However, a home inspection is still a crucial part of the home-buying and home-selling processes. Most real estate loses value as time passes. Expert property inspections look at the finer details of a structure and may turn up unexpected issues. Sellers can and should take precautions to reduce the likelihood of unwelcome discoveries once the inspection is complete. If you know the basics of how to prepare for a home inspection in California, you might breeze through the process and get the most money out of your home.

Don't put any barriers in the way…

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By, Lisa Roberts

Every day more and more renters are deciding to purchase a home and become homeowners. Whether it’s because of rising rent prices or because they want to build equity, everyone has their reason for deciding to move from renting to owning a home in California. Homeownership is a huge life decision, and it’s important to go into it boldly and armed with all the necessary information.

Many smaller choices need to be made before the time comes to purchase a home. Especially if you are a first-time buyer. For example, you need to decide whether you’re looking for a starter home or a forever home. Let’s go through a list of the most important factors to consider and tasks to perform to be ready for homeownership in California.

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The National Multifamily Housing Council recently reported that over 30% of households in the United States are headed by renters, so rental properties continue to be sound investments. Renting them out, however, requires a lot of preparation. Fortunately, there are many professionals and technological advancements that can help you get the job done. Today, Marin Real Estate presents some suggestions to get you started.

Choose a Business Structure 

One of the first things to do as an investor and landlord is to decide how you wish to structure your business. A limited liability company is a common structure among rental businesses. It provides flexibility and protection of personal assets. Forming an LLC in California can be a bit tedious, but…

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You may be looking to expand your family, and that one-bedroom apartment just won’t cut it anymore. However, if you are living on one income only, you might be wondering if buying a home is even possible. This will certainly depend on various factors, including how high or low the income is and how many people are dependent on that income. Naturally, buying a home on a single income can be a challenging but also rewarding experience. It can seem like a daunting task, but it is certainly possible with careful planning, budgeting, and some creative financing options. With the right approach, it is possible to purchase a home even if you are the only breadwinner in your household. Here are some steps you can take to make the process of buying a home on…

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When you started your business, you hoped for success, you worked hard to make it happen, and now, your hard work and ingenuity have paid off. You’re officially a successful, growing business. 

With that success comes some important considerations like a bigger space in the way of a new home and some key business decisions. 

Think About Location When You Move to a Larger Home 

A bigger business means a bigger space to fit it all in, and an important first consideration should be where to move to.

First, if your business includes meeting with clients, then you’ll need to be in close proximity to their location. A convenient location that makes it easier for your clients to visit you and improves your chances of building a strong…

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Any prospective homeowner's ultimate goal is to find the ideal house in the ideal neighborhood at the ideal price. However, almost as soon as you begin looking, you'll know that it's an unrealistic goal and that you'll have to settle for something a little less than perfect. Therefore, before you even start your search, it's important you decide what is crucial for your home to have and what you're willing to compromise on. That can be easier said than done, though, especially with the image of that perfect property hanging over your head. But don't worry because we're here to help you. We've consulted California's top real estate experts, and here's how to prioritize your wish list when house hunting.

House hunting is easier if you know how to…

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