Marin County Investment and Rental Properties

Multi-Family Properties

There are typically 20-40 duplexes and multiple unit properties available at any given time. The owner can live in one of the units and rent out the other which can help in the mortgage qualification, especially if the property has a strong rental history. There are certain tax advantages to this form of home purchase and we can discuss the intricacies with you. Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

marin_investment_272Duplexes and multi-unit buildings can also be an excellent investment depending on the amount of down payment and current interest rates. There are opportunities for price of ownership units and “fixer-upper” multiple unit buildings which can generate excellent positive cash flow once remodeled.

There is also the option of buying investment properties with IRA funds to hold for retirement or to generate tax-deferred cash flow gains. Contact us for more information on this easy and lucrative way to own an investment property in Marin or Sonoma County.


Single Family Properties

Investment in single family homes is also an ideal investment opportunity. Marin has always enjoyed a long term appreciation factor. This is due to a number of things including the limitation of inventory (approximately 43% of Marin is designated open space), proximity to San Francisco, the weather, the schools, the beautiful natural surroundings and the safety. Marin was cited in Sunset Magazine as one of the ten best places to raise a family in the country and it is reasons like these that make Marin a wonderful place to live and one of the best investments one can make. To search Marin single-family homes click here.


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