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Selling a home can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Most homeowners want to make their homes look appealing to buyers, but preparing for showings might not be as easy as they think. Fortunately, there are some strategies that you can use to make the process smoother. For instance, you can rent a self-storage unit and make your life easier. But how could self-storage help you sell your home? Well, we have all the answers written below. So keep reading to see how self-storage is a must when you want to make your home sale a success.

Self-storage keeps your home clean.

When you have a large family, you have a lot of things in your house. Besides the common-use items, each family member has personal belongings that they keep for various…

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By, Katie Conroy

Maintaining a home and yard can eat up precious free time that could be spent on hobbies, exercise and social activities. Sizing down your belongings and reducing upkeep with a smaller house can add back time and save you money. Just make sure you think about your pet's current and future accommodations throughout your downsizing process. Read on for some tips from Marin Real Estate. 

Be Efficient

You probably have an idea of your budget and what you want in a new home, but before you start searching, reach out to your mortgage lender to get pre-approved. Lenders calculate your debt-to-income ratio to pinpoint how much you can realistically pay each month. You can calculate this by adding your existing monthly debt…

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By, Lucille Rosetti

Starting a business can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, and it's never been easier to run a business from your home. Unfortunately, your current residence may not be able to support your new venture. With the proper planning and care, you can smoothly transition between homes while getting your company off the ground. Here, Marin Real Estate offers this guide that explains how to make it happen.


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Search With Discretion 

Rather than letting your current space dictate what sort of business you can start, let the company you want to create decide where you move. A custom apparel company, for instance, will need considerable space to store and process inventory, while a house cleaning service may…

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By, Lisa Roberts

There are many reasons people decide to buy a new home. Perhaps your growing family now requires a home that can house a larger family, so everyone has their own space. Or you need to relocate for a new job opportunity quickly. And just like there are reasons for purchasing a new home, home buyers also face many common fears. Most of these can be easily remedied, even if they seem unsolvable. Let's go through these five common fears home buyers face and possible solutions.

Common fear No 1: Interstate moving

Interstate moving can be very frightening. For instance, if you are moving from a state like Florida to California, there can be a lot of unexpected changes and differences in the real estate market. Another part of…

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By, Lucille Rosetti

If you’re looking for your dream home, you may not be able to find exactly what you’re searching for. Rather than settling, consider building your own custom home. This allows you to participate in the design process from the beginning, from the blueprints to material choices and landscape options. From Marin Real Estate, here’s a guide through the process of building your dream custom home.

How to Establish Your Budget 

Experts recommend working with a lender to get preapproved for a home construction loan as a first step if you’re thinking about building a house. You’ll learn the maximum amount you can borrow and how much of a down payment is required. You’ll need to be comfortable with the down payment and monthly…

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Whether you're moving for work or family or the desire for a major change, transitioning to a new state can be a stressful process. You can smooth it out, though, by doing your research and making preparations ahead of time. Read on to learn about some tips and tricks to make your transition seamless.

Do Your Research

Since you're heading to California, you'll want to research ahead of your move to get an idea of what you'll experience when you get there. You should know, for instance, that the cost of living does tend to be on the high side in California. For instance, the average home costs about $476,000, and renters can expect to spend around $1,429 a month. Transportation costs and insurance tend to run a bit higher than the national…

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