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Currently there are 13 homes on the market in the Hollow of which 4 are in escrow. Since the    beginning of the year 15 homes have sold, and we have sold 5 of those ourselves. The average price of sold homes so far this year is $1.049 million and the average price of the homes on the market currently is $1.4 million. One of the encouraging indicators is that we are seeing more buyers who have been looking in the Kentfield and Larkspur areas are now searching in the Hollow where they can find more value. The trade off for them is the commute, but when we have them weigh it against the quality of life they can get in the Hollow, homes here become very attractive. When we sell a home in the Hollow, we sell the neighborhood as much as the house itself and…

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Here we are after six months of record rainfall and a roller coaster economy, and guess what ...the real estate market in Marin is on the rebound! We never expected it to happen overnight and we still see a slow and sometimes bumpy road to full recovery but we are encouraged by what we do see.  Currently there are approximately 1670 properties on the market of which 496 are in escrow. That 30% is about 10% more than this time last year. In the first six months of this year a total of 860 properties sold of which 670 were single family homes. In the first six months of last year, 661 homes sold of which 483 were single family homes. Sales are up about 25% from this time last year and inventory is up by approximately 800 homes from the first of the year!

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