7 Home Features Every Large Family Needs

Posted by Alex Narodny on Thursday, May 26th, 2022 at 11:09am

By, Lisa Roberts

If you have a growing or a large family, you understand that living in a spacious home can sometimes feel small. This is why one of the crucial home features every large family needs isn't just space. Instead, the area you have needs to be functional and, therefore, cater to everyone's needs no matter the age. For instance, if you're having a new baby, it would be best to have a nursery set up or nursery elements in your bedroom. So, whether you are building from scratch or buying a new home, we will share the essential features a large family home needs to make your life easier.

The list of home features every family needs

All families are unique and different. Therefore, a family home should be a safe shelter for everyone while being practical and functional to maintain everyone's needs fulfilled. With that said, before you get to the point where you hire residential movers and arrive safely, and on time at your new home, it is best to do some pre-planning. 

We mean being clear about your family's needs, what your non-negotiables are in terms of housing, and then searching for the perfect home to move to with a house plan you like. If you're building your large family's home, you will have the freedom to be more specific about the details.

Therefore, make sure you look for these features that are a must in every large family when house hunting or constructing a house plan with builders.

Enough room for everyone

Big families simply need more space. Therefore, having multiple rooms and bedrooms is considered a must nowadays. In addition, the standards and wishes regarding housing have changed, with millennials becoming the most common home buyers. 

Parents today prefer to have a large master bedroom with a separate bathroom and wish for their kids to have a separate bedroom. In addition, some large family members require a separate home office or room for aging parents or simply want to have family and friends over.

Having a spacious, cozy living room is perfect for large family gatherings.

A large and open eating area:

Modern home buyers opt for open-floor kitchen plans. The reasons for this are various, but mainly they wish to make their home feel more spacious and ensure a good flow between the rooms.

On the other hand, having an open floor plan is probably a must or a highly preferred option for a large family. Firstly, it will make your living more comfortable on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, all the family members will have enough room for performing chores, cooking, and eating.

Ultimately, an open kitchen is connected to the living room area, which will allow you to keep an eye on your little ones. Also, if you love entertaining and want to fit everyone comfortably, an open floor kitchen is a very possible and fantastic option.


One vital home feature every large family needs is additional kitchen storage. Your grocery list will double as your kids get older, have friends, and especially hit the teenage years. This is why it is essential to have different options for food storage. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Having more kitchen cupboards
  • Having a separate pantry
  • An additional freezer not to waste food


A lot of people usually means more noise. However, this can make it difficult for some kids to concentrate on homework or for a parent to attend an online meeting. According to Mod Movers CA, if you have already bought an older home, you should consider soundproofing it before you move in. If you are building or have purchased a newly built home, noise shouldn't be a problem as new materials are being used. However, it's always worth checking. This might sound unnecessary now, but something crucial later on, especially for families with teenage children.

Having your home soundproofed is one of the home features every large family needs, especially as kids get older.

Play and entertainment areas:

Another feature to pay attention to is the playroom. Play is your child's work, and if you happen to have multiple kids, having a playroom will help tremendously. This can be their safe space, where they allow their imagination to thrive, and where they can have fun with siblings and friends.

Having a playroom will allow your kids to play creatively and independently.

On the other hand, if your kids are getting older, you still should have a designated entertainment area for video games and family gatherings. It's also nice to have a separate room where all the fun is happening without invading anyone's space or constantly stepping on LEGO blocks.

A spacious backyard 

One of the most critical home features every large family needs is outdoor space. Having a large back or front yard will allow your children to play and exercise outside, give you more room for some DIY or other type of projects, and have a space for pets.

Also, having a spacious and beautiful outdoor area is a beneficial investment in many ways. Enhancing your curb appeal will make your home more desirable in the market and increase your home's value if you decide to move again.

Additional storage options

Finally, the thing that almost all families lack and cannot get enough of is storage space. You might need storage space for clothes that your kids have outgrown but will be used for the next child. This way, you can store everyone's equipment, seasonal gear, or simply everyday clutter. And we all know that daily chaos is magnetic in family homes, especially in large ones.

With that said, when making a house plan, make sure you have storage areas in mind. You can consider some alternative storage options if you're buying, such as installing shelving or getting furniture with built-in storage. 

Of course, renting out a storage unit is always a viable and valuable option.

The takeaway from home features every large family needs

When building or buying a home, it is essential to be aware of the needs of each family member and the family as a whole. This is why we listed the most common and vital home features every large family needs, in case you need reminding. We hope these tips gave you a clearer idea of what to consider and look for in a perfect house for your family.

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