Things to consider when choosing a house plan

Posted by Alex Narodny on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 at 11:42am

Buying or building a home comes with an equal measure of excitement and dread. At the same time, future homeowners are enthusiastic, concerned, hopeful, and anxious. And how should they not be? Both of these endeavors include a great number of variables, most of them unknown. One of those variables is the most critical element that affects all the rest - a house plan. And out of all things to consider when choosing a house plan that suits you, the following few will have the most significant impact on your decision.

The key considerations

As it is with every capital project, getting a new home requires a thorough preparation period. During this time, your job is to determine and sum up all your requirements, wishes, and resources and lay them out. What do you expect from your new home, and what can you offer in return? Ask yourself the following questions.

  • How big should your home be?
  • What is your available budget?
  • Are you ready for a high-maintenance home?
  • What are your safety requirements?
  • Do you need any special or must-have features?

The answers will give you a direction and make your house hunting or housebuilding process more manageable, more affordable, and certainly more enjoyable.

A house that fits

Regardless if you live alone or with a family, searching for a home that meets all residents' needs is the first and foremost priority. The size of the house and its layout are some of the considerations that precede the others. Listing all your family's requirements in terms of space, the number of rooms, their mutual vicinity, and the number of utility rooms will help you decide on the optimal home size.

Moreover, it will help you decide on the ideal layout. Choosing a suitable layout becomes essential if you wish or need to work from home or live with a big or growing family. Planning and designing your home office, laundry room, playroom or study, both start with a blueprint of your dream house. A house that fits everybody's lifestyle and needs is a house that was properly scaled in the planning phase.

Smart budgeting

Once you have determined your basic requirements, focus on budgeting. Can you afford the house you need? The answer is always yes, but it greatly depends on - home location. If you can afford a big family house downtown, good for you, but for most prospective homeowners, that is not the case. Sometimes, the only way to get every desired home feature is to move away from the heart of the city.

While you're setting up a budget for your home, don't go head-on and allot everything you have to the project. Leave a fair part of your savings for unforeseeable expenses, especially if you have a family. One of the budget-related things to consider when choosing a house plan is moving to your new home when the time comes. This is especially important for long-distance moves. The only way to relocate without any stress is to account for moving and packing expenses in advance and choose insured, licensed, and experienced movers to handle the task.

Avoid a trap known as a high-maintenance home

The bigger the home, the more work and time it requires. If you lead a busy lifestyle or have a large family, can you imagine yourself moping and dusting, repairing, mowing and raking, or cleaning your pool and garden? Certainly, you can hire professionals to do it for you but, do you genuinely need those expenses? If your ideal home needs to have all the elements from a modern fairytale, then prepare yourself to make it happen.

On the other hand, if you wonder how to get the best of a smaller, low-maintenance home, think about smart storage solutions. Consider using otherwise underutilized space for your belongings like walls, and various nooks, like those under the stairs. A true low-maintenance home is an excellent energy-saver, too. A well-thought house plan can save you time, effort, and money long-term.

Important safety considerations

A matter that concerns many first-time buyers is the safety of their property. Even though it is vital, the overall safety of the home often comes as one of the last things to consider when choosing a house plan. These considerations often involve child-proofing features, some of which can be difficult to install. If you have little children, think about how to improve the safety of home elements like staircases, railings, windows, balconies, or a pool. Also, take into account any accessibility features that your house plan must accommodate.

Compared to these concerns, home security comes as a less complicated issue. However, note that the bigger the home, the more costly and sophisticated the security system will be. Perhaps, while you think about your house plan, you should also think about the neighborhood you'll soon call home. Finding a safe location for yourself and your family will make even the average house plans more attractive. After all, there is nothing you can't fix or remodel later; a house with a proper plan will grow with you.

Features that make a house a home

In case you still have room for maneuvering after making all the abovementioned considerations, let your imagination roam free. Think about all the features you wanted to incorporate into your dream home and put them on paper. It will make it a lot easier to imagine your game room in a garage, a greenhouse in the attic, a gym or a spa in the basement, and a pet patio in your backyard.

By, Lisa Roberts

Otherwise, get your inspiration from home architecture and design magazines and blogs, or directly ask your architect for assistance and insight. Lastly, if you're house hunting long-distance, you will need to rely on your internet research skills or help from the local real estate agent. Don't hesitate to rely on professionals with things to consider when choosing a house plan for your new home. Their expertise will be a valuable asset when the time comes to put your ideas into motion.

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