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Whether you're moving for work or family or the desire for a major change, transitioning to a new state can be a stressful process. You can smooth it out, though, by doing your research and making preparations ahead of time. Read on to learn about some tips and tricks to make your transition seamless.

Do Your Research

Since you're heading to California, you'll want to research ahead of your move to get an idea of what you'll experience when you get there. You should know, for instance, that the cost of living does tend to be on the high side in California. For instance, the average home costs about $476,000, and renters can expect to spend around $1,429 a month. Transportation costs and insurance tend to run a bit higher than the national…

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A home is meant to be a safe haven for anyone in the household. However, as people age, they become increasingly susceptible to injuries in the home. A trip to the kitchen can be enough to cause a severe fall, and many seniors end up in the hospital every year as a result of an accident in the home. 

Common places such as bathrooms, stairs, kitchens, or living rooms can become hazardous for seniors. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to make your home safe and comfortable for aging loved ones. It all depends on what safety risks are most prevalent in your home. 

Home Upgrades to Invest In to Increase Home Safety for Seniors

If you're wondering what you can do to increase safety for seniors in your home, you're in luck. In this…

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Getting into the house flipping business can unlock lucrative profits and exciting opportunities. If you think it’s just a young person’s game, though, think again — plenty of seniors are discovering just how rewarding this endeavor can be. It could even help to fund your retirement! Every senior who aspires to flip houses should know how to get started and how to make key improvements before selling a home. Learn how seniors can hire qualified contractors, make strategic upgrades, and see big profits from the house-flipping industry.

Assessing How Much Work Needs to Be Done

One of the first steps to flipping a house is assessing just how much work must be done. The nature of flipping means that you’ll often be investing in properties that are…

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By, Lisa Roberts

The choice to rent or purchase in California is influenced by various variables, including your income, the quantity of your down payment, the typical rent in the region, and the length of time you want to stay in the area. Renting vs. Buying in California is a tough question, but the good thing is that you don’t need to go there to buy or rent a property. Some agencies or firms can help you with that. So let's see what a better option is. 

If you decide to buy a property, be truthful to yourself about your finances. Don't indulge in irrational illusions about luxurious residences entirely out of your price range. You might be able to achieve some of these goals by making significant sacrifices, but is that worth it?


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By, Lisa Roberts

If you have a growing or a large family, you understand that living in a spacious home can sometimes feel small. This is why one of the crucial home features every large family needs isn't just space. Instead, the area you have needs to be functional and, therefore, cater to everyone's needs no matter the age. For instance, if you're having a new baby, it would be best to have a nursery set up or nursery elements in your bedroom. So, whether you are building from scratch or buying a new home, we will share the essential features a large family home needs to make your life easier.

The list of home features every family needs

All families are unique and different. Therefore, a family home should be a safe shelter for everyone…

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By, Lisa Roberts

We all know how important the security of our home is. It is, after all, a place where we should feel safe and comfortable. However, could that need for security influence the value of our home? You might be planning to sell your home and are wondering whether installing a security system will help you in that endeavor. We are here to tell you how a home security system can increase home value.

A Home Security System Can Attract More Buyers

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. For this reason, many people who are looking to buy a house are concerned about the safety of the property. A security system can help you with the sale by affording you more leads. If you have a security system in place, you will be able to…

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There’s nothing like the imminent arrival of a new baby to make you look around your surroundings and say, “We need a bigger house!” Selling and buying while preparing for your newcomer may feel like a big task, but with the right preparation, you can ensure smooth sailing into your new family life.

What’s Your Home Worth?

The first step in the selling/buying process is determining what your current home is worth. You can get a cursory idea by searching for similar homes online, or a more firm estimate by getting an appraisal. According to Money, once you have an idea of the value you can anticipate the equity you have — or how much you can expect to pocket after selling fees. This will help you in the next step, which is deciding how much you…

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If you're working more from home these days, chances are your home office needs a makeover so that it feels and looks more professional. However, you may be procrastinating about it a bit if it starts to look like it'll put a serious dent in your already maxed-out budget. It doesn't need to. Marin Real Estate shares how to create the home workspace of your dreams with minimal effort and minimal finances.

It's as simple as prioritizing organization from the get-go 

Free and easy to do, implementing a proper organizational system is key if you want your workspace to portray professionalism. Again, finding a designated place for everything and keeping this system going is a great way to keep a clear headspace, especially on busy days when…

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By, Lisa Roberts

Buying your own house is a remarkable milestone, but the overall journey can be tedious. Several factors, such as your financial state, market conditions, and the state's economy, can influence both the time it takes to find a home and its final price. Even seasoned buyers may feel apprehensive and in need of help as a result. Moreover, the stress only increases when you have to complete this process across state lines. However, if at the end of it you're left with a house on the Gold Coast, maybe the tediousness of it all can be very well worth it. So, if you're planning on buying a house in California from out of state, we can assist you. Our tried-and-true recommendations will ensure that you get through this challenging process…

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By, Lisa Roberts

First of all, categorizing people on account of their birth year to determine their desired home is a long shot at best and a random guess at worst. A top search query on google defines millennials as people who reach young adulthood in the early 21st century. The writer of this blog misses this category by a decade but not to worry. To find out what they want, we have to examine what makes them unique as a generation. So who are they, and by extension, what do millennials want in a home?

Because this is an enormously complex topic, we will do things differently. Namely, we'll visualize things in a millennial's home and extrapolate their reason for having that particular item or object. We're aware that this is very exotic and…

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