Winning Through Content - A Seller's Guide.

Posted by Alex Narodny on Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 at 4:31pm

Real Estate Marketing - What to Say and When!               

When selling your home the determining factor between a quick sale and lingering on the market is piquing interest. The best and most efficient way of doing this is through productive, charming, and accurate marketing. To begin it is imperative, as a homeowner, that you have made the right decision on the agent you have chosen to represent you. Knowing that they will give your listing the attention it deserves and needs to sell is monumental. Their marketing strategy and tenacity will determine the future of your home.

As any good sales person knows, perception is reality. So when listing your home make sure the description says the right thing. One amenity you wish to feature or adjective you use can make the difference between getting your property a second look and turning a buyer off completely. As one Century 21 agent, Cheryl Bare, elaborates, "It's all about capturing an audience…try to create something that will just get [buyers or agents] to take a look at it." A way of accomplishing this is by highlighting amenities not necessarily seen in photos or placed in the listing’s data fields. Important features such as an oversized garage, private ambiance, great views, or picturesque vistas all should be stressed in the write-up. Being as specific as possible will greatly increase your chances of attracting a buyer’s eye, as well. A “beautifully remodeled kitchen” could be for anyone. But a “kitchen with marble countertops, pull out cabinet drawers for extra storage, and brand new stainless steel appliances” screams “Buy Me!” to that constantly-cooking mother of three or chef extraordinaire. Inputting other wise seemingly insignificant details like a new roof, separate his-and-hers closets, a finished basement or a master bedroom downstairs can automatically distinguish your listing from other similar properties.

Briefly mentioned above, the timing and appropriate use of adjectives is essential to building a desirable reputation for your home. A Canadian study conducted more than a decade ago – but to which agents still refer — found that homes described as "beautiful" sold for 5% more than those in "move-in condition." This does not mean that every room in the house needs this type of description. You must remember to be accurate and not exaggerate. Nothing is worse than a buyer coming to see an “unparalleled view of the Golden Gate Bridge” only to have it completely skewed, in reality, by telephone wires or neighboring homes. Painting a picture is important but only if it appropriately describes your home. Marketing a home as extravagant and luxurious does catch the eye and intrigue buyers but not being able to produce the kind of image that these adjectives procure devalues the actuality of your property. The buyers will appreciate your property for what it is far more if amenities and features are not exaggerated or embellished as a marketing ploy. Buyers are also motivated by emotion. A home is a place where they will create memories. So give them a hint about what those memories might be. Show them exactly how they will use the custom wood deck to entertain friends or read the Sunday paper with a cup of their favorite roast.

So when writing the description for your home, help the agent understand exactly what makes your place special. They have not lived there and enjoyed what your home has to offer. Help them and in turn prospective buyers, realize what makes your home unique. Work with your agent to know when and what amenities should be highlighted and what should be downplayed. The goal is to appeal to as many people as specifically as possible. It is important to use words that appeal to a variety of personality types. Work with what you have and do not exaggerate! Although it should go without saying, good grammar for all written descriptions of your property is mandatory! Now, with these helpful hints, you’re ready to put your home on the market with confidence and plenty of pertinent knowledge.

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