Simple Home Upgrades that Add Value

Posted by Alex Narodny on Monday, August 15th, 2022 at 9:24am

Simple home upgrades can go a long way when you want to sell your house. Certain upgrades will attract buyers quickly if you’re looking to sell in the near future or down the line. While home upgrades usually require a lot of involvement, there are many simple ones you can do yourself. Most people will tell you that extensive upgrades or remodels are the way to go, but you can add as much value with more minor upgrades. Arguably, sometimes small touches add more to a home than extensive upgrades. To prove this to you, we’ve put together a list of simple home upgrades that add value.

Paint the interior

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to attract the attention of buyers, so the best time to paint is right before selling so that your home looks fresh and new. Painting your home’s interior is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can do. More people are willing to buy a freshly painted home and pay more for one. However, if you’re doing the painting yourself, remember that painting your home can be extremely time-consuming. So, plan for the amount of time it will take for the entire process, which includes drying. And if you’re planning to sell your home sometime soon, remember to do your homework before hiring your agent. Some real estate agents are worse than others, so you must know how to find someone with experience. This can make the difference between selling your home for what it’s worth and underselling it.

A fresh paint job goes a long way towards attracting buyers to your home.

Update kitchen appliances

The kitchen is a vital part of any house, and one of the easiest ways to add value to a home is to update the kitchen. However, updating the kitchen doesn’t have to be a total remodel; simply replacing the appliances with newer ones is a great way to do it. That said, while not as expensive as a remodel, updating kitchen appliances can still be pretty expensive. Things such as the dishwasher, stove, and microwave easily increase the value of a home, but you have to think about their price as well. Additionally, the dishwasher and stove also require professionals to install them. And if you’re planning on selling your home before moving out, brand-new kitchen appliances can go a long way. However, if you’re moving long-distance right after selling your old home, remember that experts can help with that. Finding reliable movers should also be simple if you search a comprehensive database.

Refresh the bathroom

When we say refresh the bathroom, we don’t mean a remodel. Replacing old and dated fixtures in your bathroom is relatively easy but adds a lot of overall value. For example, replacing things such as pulls or knobs only takes a screwdriver and a little know-how. So, a bathroom refresh is one of the simple home upgrades that doesn’t take long and adds quite a bit of value to the home. Remember, if you’re planning to sell shortly, replace old and boring fixtures with brand-new ones. Additionally, while doing this, always check for leaky faucets and other water damage. While they don’t usually make or break a sale, it’s never a good thing to see a leak in a home you’re considering. Additionally, it would be best if you considered how self-storage could help you sell your home, especially when doing these sorts of upgrades before selling.

A nice bathroom is a great way to add value to your home.

Remove popcorn ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are another thing that doesn’t necessarily make or break a sale, but it’s nice to have them replaced. A popcorn ceiling dates and devalues a home, and many buyers will look elsewhere when they see one. Removing popcorn ceilings yourself isn’t too difficult with the right tools, but we don’t recommend it. Popcorn ceilings often contain asbestos in older homes, so getting professional help is a must.

Additionally, if there is asbestos in the ceiling, staying inside the home while the removal is ongoing should be avoided, as asbestos is incredibly dangerous. So, plan the removal ahead of time so it happens when you can be away from your home. Experts from Best Long Distance Movers recommend that, if possible, you should do this before you’re moved into a new home. Asbestos removal is dangerous, and you want to be away for the entire process.

Do some yardwork

Your yard is the most effective source of curb appeal for your home. As such, sprucing up the yard goes a long way toward increasing the value of your home. Planting a garden or maybe a mulch bed or two are great ways to do some landscaping and make your home more appealing. Of course, more extensive landscaping takes a lot of time and effort, but a mulch bed and drought-resistant plants are a good choice overall. Buyers will be much more inclined to consider a house with a nice-looking yard than any other house. So, plan ahead to do some yard work and plant some low-effort plants, which are easy to maintain. Your home’s curb appeal will be much higher when you have added a bit of greenery and tidied up the lawn. You might also want to consider how a home security system can increase home value, although this is a more considerable investment.

A beautiful yard is the best way to add curb appeal to your home.

By, Lisa Roberts

Simple home upgrades that add value – wrap up

When trying to add value to a home, getting lost in the more expensive and involved upgrades is easy. However, small and simple additions can go a long way to adding value without breaking the bank or spending weeks on projects. Adding value to your home can be as easy as simply giving it a fresh paint job or changing small things here and there. After all, as long as it looks brand-new, buyers will be much more inclined to consider buying the home. Of course, more involved projects also help quite a lot, but if you don’t have the time or funds to do something big, just remember that little improvements are also good. We hope this list of simple home upgrades that add value helps you improve your home, and we are sure you will be able to get a better price when you list your home for sale.

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