Selling Your Home - Five Fast Easy Steps for Success

Posted by Alex Narodny on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 11:30am

Selling your Home?  Here are Five Easy Steps to Follow before you Market your Home.  Offered By Peter and Karin NarodnyDress your House for Success - 5 Fast, Easy Steps to Selling your House, Apartment, or Condo for the Highest Possible Price! by Martha Webb and Sarah Parson Zackheim.

When we first meet with our sellers at their property we go through a step-by-step process in preparing their home to market. This book really defines these steps to help our sellers sell their homes. Quick overview? See below!

 Step One: Un-cluttering. This is the first and most important step. Clutter makes rooms and the entire house feel smaller. Who wants to buy smaller? Live with the basics only. Great un-cluttering words to live by...sell it/store it/or give it away. Less is always more.

 Step Two: Cleaning. The uncomfortable feeling of an unclean house causes apprehension, and a buyer will start to disengage. Clean and polish all woodwork, clean windows to let the light in, if it can't be cleaned, paint it! Hiring someone to do the nitty-gritty can save you a lot of time in the long run.

 Step Three: Repairing. With clutter gone and things sparkling clean, concentrate on repairs. Neglect repairs and you position your house as a fixer upper, decreasing both the number of potential buyers and the price they pay. Repair it, paint it, or replace it so everything looks new.

 Step Four: Neutralizing. A house with neutral paint, colors, decor and carpeting will accommodate anyone's decorating style. Distracting colors, accessories and odors prevent a buyer from visualizing their things in your home. Painting gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Word of caution...neutral doesn't have to be boring.

 Step Five: Dynamizing. The final step - and it is a secret weapon! This is a special touch that will really set you apart from other homes out there. The goal of dynamizing is to create a memorable feeling that lasts beyond the tour and makes a buyer want to come back to your live. The first four steps speak to a buyers physical needs, step five, reaches the psychological needs of home buyers. Easy examples: fresh flowers, open cookbook in the kitchen, place settings on the formal dining room table, specific furniture placement to usher a buyer into a room, adding splashes of color with a living room throw pillow or blanket....the list can go on and on. Help a buyer see beyond what is to what can be.

When we prepare your home to sell we will advise you which of these steps need the most attention. Above all, we don't want you to spend money that you won't get back in terms of value to the buyer and therefore a quicker sale for a better price. We find that many buyers don't have the vision to see a home at its best. It's important to show your best  to appeal to as many buyers as possible while keeping within the integrity of the house itself.

We work closely with some excellent stagers who can help "paint the picture" for the buyer. There are very different levels of staging and sometimes it just means rearranging what is already there. With over 50+ years between us listing homes, we will make sure you understand these critical steps in selling.


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