Save $$ With a For Sale By Owner? Try the opposite.

Posted by Alex Narodny on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 1:11pm.

Many people have the misconceptions that a Real Estate Agent’s job is easy and they can save thousands by selling their house without help. The reality is that without the marketing strategy, transaction guidance, and negotiation skills from a Real Estate Agent, sellers are more likely to net less money from the sale of their house.

Let’s address the very first thing to consider when selling a residence: a powerful marketing plan. As a seller, how will you cast a wide net to local and international buyers? Considering that 92% of buyers begin their search for a house online, what will be your targeted online approach? How will you reach the area’s top agents and their clients without access to the local MLS? These things cost money, time, and a specific expertise.

Step two: Negotiation. Dealing with a buyer and their agent is just the first step of the process. Once buyers conduct inspections on the property, a seller must also negotiate on a possible credit or price reduction. How will you know what’s reasonable? Additionally, how will you be able to tell if a buyer’s mortgage broker is dependable? What if an appraisal comes in at low value? All of these require experience in the field.

But agent commissions are so much! When all is said and done, sellers really just want to save money. Because of a lack of transaction experience, marketing plan, and legal protection, sellers lost an average of $41,000 when they sold the house on their own in contrast to hiring a Broker.

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