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Posted by Alex Narodny on Monday, December 16th, 2019 at 3:12pm

486 BC - Alexandros Choulos Papagorgio was eating some fine Greek cuisine, when suddenly he spilled his meal all over the floor. His wood floors now stained with oil, Alexandros had a bright idea. He used his roofing “keramik” tile as flooring material in his dining room - making the clean ups much easier. 
This origination story is especially interesting since I made it up. Sorry. But this tale about a Greek man getting upset by this dilemma is far more interesting than anything else online. Besides, it achieves the message Im trying to get across - although Tile now comes in incredibly vast variety of cost, material, quality, size, etc, it’s inherent value as a building material is to protect surfaces in messy-prone areas of the home - kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, patios, etc. 
Here are some currently popular tile trends in today's remodels: 
- Subway Tile
Popular in both kitchens and backsplashes. Some find it quite boring, but the look is too classic to ignore. 
- Neutral Colors
Whites, greys, etc. I think this is Chip and Joanna's fault. 
- Matte > Glossy
Matte finish tile displays a softer, yet still powerful effect. It's also more reluctant to show smudges. 
- Graphic Tile Patterns
The renaissance of these nifty patterned tiles is here! Can we also bring back shants? Just sayin...
- Textured Tile
The picture shows a vanity made out of textured tile. Pretty cool! 
- Metallic Finishes
Probably too loud for most, but it fits if it fits. 
Hope this helps everyone! Happy Holidays! 

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