Make Relocating for Work a Breeze with These Tips

Posted by Alex Narodny on Thursday, February 24th, 2022 at 10:30am

This article acts as a guide for a work-related relocation to a new city in order to streamline the process and keep you on budget and on time.

Stress-free moves are rare, especially when you’re relocating to a new city for work. Not only do you have to pack, plan for the physical move, and prepare your current home for sale or rent, you also have to do some research on the new city and plan for starting a job in a different environment. These guidelines will help you prep your home and your family for the move with as little stress as possible so you can get through the process with ease. Start by working with a professional team of realtors so you can sell your home quickly and efficiently. Marin Real Estate is a wonderful resource in Greenbrae, California. You can also start researching your new city to find the best possible neighborhood. 

Do your homework:

The first step in making a major move is to do a little research on the city you’re moving to. In Seattle, there are plenty of great school districts and communities to choose from, so narrow down your home search according to the number of bedrooms you need, your budget, and how close the area is to your new job. If you’re unsure of whether you’ll be staying there long-term, renting may be the better option. Seattle, WA apartments range from $1,791 to $3,538 on average, and you can take a 3D tour online to ensure it’s the right place for you if a pre-move visit isn’t in the cards. You can also talk to your kids about the move around this time and show them the website for their new school once you’ve chosen a community.

Prepare for setbacks:

Once you have a location in mind, it’s important to think about potential setbacks that could cause issues. For instance, your current home may not sell before you’re ready to move, or you may overlook a necessary task when exiting the rental that causes you to lose your deposit. Create a few backup plans for various aspects of the move so that setbacks won’t create additional stress. Don’t forget to utilize apps and online tools that will help you stay organized and handle tasks from afar; these days, you can do everything from booking a moving company to finding a storage unit with just the touch of a button.

Make packing as easy as possible:

About six weeks before the scheduled move date, give your current home a good deep clean or hire someone for the job. Go through each room and declutter, sorting items into piles that can be sold, donated, trashed, or given to family members. Give yourself a couple of weeks to complete these tasks before you start the packing process. Gather your supplies and a variety of box sizes, leaving some aside for last-minute items like cleaning supplies and devices.

Now is also a great time to plan for the actual moving day; think about how to keep the kids and pets safe and occupied during the load-up, how much time you’ll need afterward to clean up any residual messes, and how to prepare for the trip to the new house.

Practice some self-care:

Now that you’re packed and have a plan for moving day, it’s time to focus a little on self-care. Moving and starting a job in a new city at the same time can be incredibly stressful even if you’re well-prepared, so think about how you can reduce those negative feelings and prevent anxiety. If you’re starting a job with a new company, do some research into their local offices so you’ll know what to expect. Look up nearby lunch spots, parking, and coffee shops so you won’t feel lost on your first day.

While relocating for work is a big process, it can also be a fun adventure. Keep communication open with your family members so that everyone is on the same page; this will avoid confusion and added stress for both you and your loved ones.

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