Introduction Summary of Mortgage Rates Research

Posted by Alex Narodny on Monday, August 3rd, 2020 at 10:38am

Given the current global pandemic and how it has economically impacted the housing market, hit the ground running by conducting extensive research on how to choose the right mortgage lender and how smart mortgage decisions can pave the way to affordable home ownership. 

This guide on the best mortgage rates features a side by side comparison of 18 different mortgage lenders voted “best for” in various categories.  The lenders were assessed on the type of lender, the mortgage types available, customer experience, and reputation and transparency. 

Whether you are just beginning the search for your perfect mortgage rate and need an understanding of the process in a step one to done manner, or you are months into the process and need further clarification of the fine-tuned details – like understanding the differences between the hot buzzwords:  interest rates vs. APRs, pre-approval vs. pre-qualification, conforming and non-conforming – find all of the information you need to know with this research:


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