How to Keep Up With your Expanding Business

Posted by Alex Narodny on Friday, December 23rd, 2022 at 9:01am

When you started your business, you hoped for success, you worked hard to make it happen, and now, your hard work and ingenuity have paid off. You’re officially a successful, growing business. 

With that success comes some important considerations like a bigger space in the way of a new home and some key business decisions. 

Think About Location When You Move to a Larger Home 

A bigger business means a bigger space to fit it all in, and an important first consideration should be where to move to.

First, if your business includes meeting with clients, then you’ll need to be in close proximity to their location. A convenient location that makes it easier for your clients to visit you and improves your chances of building a strong relationship with them.

And close proximity to your suppliers can save you a lot of money in shipping costs while also cutting down the time to what you need, especially if it’s a last-minute purchase.

Consider if your location has convenient access to major roads and interstates. This is an important factor for you and your client.

Check the local zoning laws. This should be one of the first things you look into. Imagine purchasing a home only to find out too late that you’re not permitted to operate a business from there.

And finally, quality of life is just as important as any business consideration. Factors such as safety, amenities like dining, shopping, good schools, parks, and anything else that makes life enjoyable for you.

Setting Up Your Home Office

Your first step should be to make a list of everything you want your office to be, the problems you may have encountered in your previous home office, and ideas about how to solve those issues with your new office.

Make sure the room you choose for your office will be quiet and free from distractions. Avoid any area that gets a lot of foot traffic.

Purchase your furnishing with an eye to making them ergonomic. This will save you from experiencing short and long-term back pain. An ergonomic chair will have lumbar support. An ergonomic chair has an S shape which prevents slumping and reduces stress on the spine and pelvis. Your desk should provide enough room to cross your legs, and the height should allow you to sit straight with both feet on the floor.

The lighting in your office should be a priority, too. You don’t want glare or shadows, which will cause eyestrain. Natural light is best, so you want to choose a room with a window that lets in the maximum amount of light.

And finally, personalize your office to make it a nicer place to spend your day. Add plants, which are good for air circulation, artwork, throw pillows and rugs, and a few family photos on the desk.

Grow Your Knowledge, Too

You’ve been doing a great job with your business up to now, but in order for you to keep up with how your company is expanding, you need to expand your knowledge, too.

A business degree can give you a strong foundation of skills in areas like finance, marketing, and management. Having a degree may even provide you leverage with investors because they’ll feel more secure that you have what it takes to succeed.

You can earn your bachelor’s degree in business online, allowing you to complete your education at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can also customize your business degree with a certificate that matches your goals, like business analytics or entrepreneurship.

Chose the Right Business Structure

Choosing the right business structure has significant legal and financial implications for your business.

Different business structures have different requirements for management and ownership. For example, a corporation must have a board of directors, while a sole proprietorship is owned and managed by a single individual.

And as far as taxes are concerned, a sole proprietorship is taxed as an individual, while a corporation is taxed as a separate entity.

Different structures offer different levels of liability protection for the owner. For example, an LLC or Limited Liability Corporation offers the greatest level of liability protection since the owner’s personal assets are generally protected from business debts and legal liabilities.

A successful business should always keep growing, whether it’s an upsized home and office, a new business structure, or a better understanding of how it all works with a business degree. As long as you’re learning, you’re succeeding.

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