How to affordably renovate your home workspace

Posted by Alex Narodny on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 at 3:21pm


If you're working more from home these days, chances are your home office needs a makeover so that it feels and looks more professional. However, you may be procrastinating about it a bit if it starts to look like it'll put a serious dent in your already maxed-out budget. It doesn't need to. Marin Real Estate shares how to create the home workspace of your dreams with minimal effort and minimal finances.

It's as simple as prioritizing organization from the get-go 

Free and easy to do, implementing a proper organizational system is key if you want your workspace to portray professionalism. Again, finding a designated place for everything and keeping this system going is a great way to keep a clear headspace, especially on busy days when you're feeling pushed to your limits.

You'll need the right lighting

Every home space requires the correct lighting, especially if you want to stay wide awake and alert to function at your optimum best. Again, this is not the most expensive solution but is, nonetheless, still highly effective at fulfilling its purpose of creating a well-lit, brighter, and lighter space to do your best work in. Also, don't forget to let in as much natural light as possible, as natural lighting is considered best for the eyes and is not as straining on the eyes.

Repaint the walls

Of course, one of the simplest and most effective ways to give a room a completely different look is by giving the space a fresh coat of paint. Generally, lighter paint can give a space a more open feel. However, don't discount darker or brighter paint hues if you think your workspace needs more personality. 

But perhaps wallpaper is more to your liking. Moreover, choose peel and stick wallpaper that can be removed and repositioned if necessary. Also, you won't have to worry about sticky residue being left behind. And you can choose a customized design of your choice if none of the existing designs appeal to you. Simply upload a design of your choice, place an order for your design, and you can go from there

The more plants the better

Greenery is a great addition to your home office, and it's affordable, too. What with plants that are trending nowadays, you can't really go wrong by adding this natural element to your home office space. Plus, plants have a way of purifying the air which can help to enhance your concentration levels which can boost your productivity too.

Keep your existing furniture (but add a few interesting pieces, too)

Any home office will require functional office furniture and equipment. But there is a place for comfortability too. So together with an ergonomic office chair, a standard office desk, and a sturdy coffee table, you can still incorporate comfortable sofas for your clients or guests to relax on when they stop by for a visit or consultation, for example.

A little decor goes a long way 

Certainly, a little decor can go a long way in adding a touch of personality to your office space that may otherwise appear boring and dull. And you don't have to purchase expensive items either, where simple knick knacks, special mementos, and interesting artwork will do. Also, mirrors work well at deflecting light to create the illusion of a bigger space, and they're pretty to look at too! 

In summary, revamping your home office is an exciting project if you know what to do. But if you know how to expedite the process with minimal funds no less - then even better!

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