Boost your Backyard with these Wild Ideas

Posted by Alex Narodny on Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 at 11:48am

Your backyard is a blank slate where you can design a recreational area to fit your family’s needs. And, with a bit of elbow grease, you can make the best use of your space by going beyond a pool and a basketball goal.

Marin Real Estate offers today’s tip for families ready to make their backyard space an amazing place.

 Lawn Preparation

Before you get started on any type of backyard makeover, make sure that your yard is smooth and level. Having a stable and well-graded backyard is the best way to avoid pooling water and uneven surfaces, which can cause concrete and other materials to split open and erode. Lawn care grading can get expensive, however, so spend some time getting quotes and looking for companies that have deals on the services you need. 

Lighting Matters

Once your lawn is prepared for your ideas, make sure that it is safe and well-lit. If you’re not sure how to highlight every area of your yard without being intrusive to the neighbors, do some research on LED lights for stadiums and other venues. These types of indoor and outdoor arenas are often found on college campuses, and doing some research into pro and collegiate case studies can show you the amount of work it will take to light your own backyard.

Extreme Entertainment

Now that your yard is level and safe, it’s time to look at some fun features that will keep your family entertained for years to come. A few ideas here include:

  •       An archery range. According to Archery 360, having a range in your backyard means that you can practice more often. However, if you choose to shoot a bow and arrow in a residential setting, you will need to confirm local laws and safety regulations.
  •       Backyard bowling alley. Outdoor games that the entire family can play will help you bond and stay active. While bowling is mostly considered an indoor sport, it’s not that difficult to build a lane right in your own backyard.
  •       Add a motocross track. If your family loves dirt bikes and you have land available, consider adding a DIY motocross track. Like building an archery range, you’ll need to check local regulations, including those that restrict noise in residential areas. Your track will also likely need to be fenced so that unrestricted riders can’t access your property and get hurt. 
  •       An obstacle course. If you’re planning for toddlers, you can create a removable obstacle course with common objects, like hula hoops and painters tape. For older kids and teens, build a more permanent structure with wood, spare tires, and other weather-resistant materials.
  •       Skateboard ramp. Skateboarding is another active hobby that the entire family can enjoy. The LiveAbout blog goes into detail about how to build and maintain a kicker ramp, quarter pipe, grind rail, and more. As with all sports, make sure that you prioritize safety with adequate lighting and that each rider wears protective gear at all times. You should also talk to young skateboarders about always riding with a partner in case of an accident or injury.

Your backyard can go well beyond what you can pick out at your local family leisure store. But, before you add things like a motocross track or bowling alley, make sure that it’s well lit and graded and that you’re not violating legal or HOA restrictions. Once you’ve confirmed legality and safety, then it’s time to let your imagination run wild so that your family can, too.

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