Smart Tips for Buyers When Buying a Home

Posted by Alex Narodny on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 at 4:28pm.

Real Estate Buyer Tips for Buying a HomeThe Buying Game: How to Avoid 9 Costly Mistakes 

1.  The Wrong House: Too Big, Too Small? Too much land?  Fixer-upper?  Define your current and future needs now before you buy.  Imminent retirement, on the road a lot, teens leaving the roost, etc.

2. Bidding on the Bank Foreclosed Properties or Real Estate Owned (REO's) - What to expect.  Work with  Realtors with 60+ years experience in Marin County Real Estate.  We work with Asset Managers daily in the sale of bank owned, REO properties.  We know how to write an offer which capture the attention of the banks.

3.  Title Trouble Traps: Always, repeat always, get title insurance!  End of story

4.  Survey Surprises: Buying country property requires knowing your property lines.  Even older subdivisions should be looked at hard.

5.  Last Minute Defects: Get all appropriate reports during your due diligence period so you have time to negotiate.  If you decide to back out of the deal make sure you can get your deposit back.

6. Pre-Paid Shockers: Do you have any idea how much your NEW tax bill will be?  Insurance?  Also if you are selling - Document Transfer Tax?  We can help become aware of these costs.

7.  Seller Slip-ups: Items that should have been repaired aren't? A walk-through will disclose this.  A contingency fund put in the contract at signing will alleviate this.

8. Hidden Junk Fees: Some lenders add and add, kicking up your lender fees.  Get a pre-approval list of costs and hold them to it.

9. Closing Rush: Insist on seeing your closing statement prior to closing.  That way you'll avoid last minute problems and fees inserted that you had not agreed.  Talk to your lender about "locking in" a rate so if there is a delay in closing you won't lose a low interest rate commitment.

Always insist that you work with a Realtor!  And always choose your representation BEFORE you decide to look at homes.  As a buyer's specialist we major in the minors of the real estate transaction.

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