Parks and Rec for Warm Weather Fun!

Posted by Alex Narodny on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 at 2:36pm.

It’s been a little grey in Marin the past couple of days, but do not fear the sun is going to be making another appearance this weekend!!

With highs Hearts Desire Beachin the mid to high seventies all three days we thought it would be a good idea to give you a heads up on some of the most convenient and fantastic places to go to soak up some sun. Now, we all have our favorite parks and spots that are our go-tos but if your looking to mix it up a little bit this weekend we have a full list of parks and open space in Marin that are free for you to enjoy. So grab the kids, a blanket, a brew or two, a Frisbee and hit the park or beach. Being home to some of the most environmentally conscious and beautiful natural environments in the country its only fair we take advantage of it. After all that’s why we live in Marin, isn’t it?

If your looking for a strenuous hike, a nice walk or some of the most picturesque views in Northern California click the link below for open space preserves, state parks, beaches and trails! A few of our favorite spots to hit the trailheads are in Camino Alto and Samuel P. TaylorBolinas is a great spot for the beginner surfers or budding little minnows, the wind is usually a minimum with a very manageable tide/current. For really little ones, Hearts Desire Beach in Inverness (pictured above) is another favorite for safety and plenty of fun! As far as parks go, we couldn’t be bigger proponents of exploring all that our little towns and subdivisions of Marin have to offer. Try an eeny-meeny- miney-mo tactic if you cant decide. They are all worthy of a trip! If you still cant decide grab a light coat and hit Muir Woods. Frolicking in the redwoods can fix just about any problem, in our opinion!

Follow the links provided on this page for more detailed directions and tips!

And as always, check back in to for more information and events going on near you!

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