Posted by Alex Narodny on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 2:27pm.

Ahhh Tiburon. Every time I come to this town it looks more picturesque. I also see more and more early 30’s men in sweatpants walking their dog at 2:00 PM. Does that make any sense? I feel the urge to pull over and interview these guys: “How are you able to do nothing in the middle of the day at your age?” “Is it possible to take your Tesla for a spin?” “What kind of sweatpants are those?”

Anyway, I digress. Here is my new inventory ranking for one of the most expensive markets this country will ever see:

  1. 28 Teaberry Ln - 5 BD/6 BA - Just awesome. Everything you want out of a newly constructed mansion with views of the Bay. $8,500,000.

  2. 180 Gilmartin Dr - 4 BD/3 BA - Interesting angles in the architecture. Picture lots of big, spread out triangles placed throughout the floorplan. A good mix of eclectic and contemporary finishes. Great master suite, hot tub, and wine cellar. A little off the beaten path of conventional Tiburon. I liked it. $5,975,000.

  3. 15 Place Moullin - 6 BD/5 BA - Anytime you have this fantastic view in your face throughout the entire floor plan, you earn a top 3 spot. $8,500,000.

  4. 3 Benton Ct - 2 BD/1 BA - A great little fixer. High upside in an extremely competitive market. $1,075,000.

  5. 63 Reed Ranch Rd - 5 BD/3 BA - Lots of big expansive rooms and its on a double lot leaves potential for expansion. Great house, but too much of a medley of dated and modern finishes. No real character to this house. $2,425,000.

  6. 51 Lagoon Vis - 2 BD/2 BA - It’s just my personal preference, but I’m not a huge fan of this complex. If you’ve got 1.4 to spend, go a little farther north and get yourself a single family instead of a condo in Tiburon. $1,395,000

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