Indoor Pools and Boutique Vineyard

Posted by Alex Narodny on Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 at 11:22am.

408 Biscayne Drive San Rafael Offered for Sale by Peter and Karin Narodny with Frank Howard AllenHave you ever wanted a place with a warm water sanctuary? A luxury home with a facility to soothe aching muscles all year long, regardless of the weather? If so, you're looking for an indoor pool, a concept that is often associated with homes that suffer from long and cold winters. However, indoor pools are now becoming more and more popular in temperate climates with those who want swimming as a year-round form of exercise, a reprieve from the scorching sun or pouring rain, and a place where the water is always great. Another unobvious advantage of an indoor pool is a haven for private escape and entertaining, and a pool that doesn't fill up with leaves every time the wind blows. To insure that the energy needed is kept to a minimum and the water temperature is perfect all year round, add some solar panels . For those that don't like chlorine, especially those lap swimmers, make sure the pool is filled with salt water, another increasingly popular concept. Now you have the ultimate retreat right outside your door and a space that will be used more than your living room. 

408 Biscayne Drive San Rafael Offered for Sale by Peter and Karin Narodny with Frank Howard AllenA "Boutique Vineyard" is another concept that is becoming increasingly popular with those that have always wanted to create their own wine label and serve a wine that comes from their back yard. Wine making is a popular hobby and does not have to take alot of time. There are people who will tend the grapes and harvest them when ready and you can take over from there and process your own wine. In times when your wine cellar is overflowing, you can sell the grapes to the vineyards. Some of the larger California vineyards are now buying grapes from Argentina to keep up with the demand! A vineyard of your own is a very special feature to have on your property and one that would be the envy of your friends.

Now you are probably wondering if such a place exists that has an indoor pool and even a small vineyard of its own. Although there may be more than one, there is only one that we know of in California and it is in fact available for purchase. However, if you want the indoor salt water pool and a vineyard, you will need a wine processing room, a luxury 4-6 bedroom home complete with a fabulous kitchen, sauna, gym, 3-car garage, media room, and all in total privacy. You will also want to be able to walk to the golf course, tennis courts, play ground and be close to hiking, open space and a beach for Kayaking. There is no question that you would be buying a lifestyle of its own and that could only be 408 Biscayne Drive in the Peacock Gap area of San Rafael. Check it out at or on our website and call us for an appointment.

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