FSBO - Why Not?

Posted by Alex Narodny on Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 at 4:30pm.

Ahhh yes, the tempting For Sale By Owner. Many sellers, especially in today’s market, believe they can do our job for free. “I’ll just take some pics with my phone, plop it on Zillow, how hard can it be? Psh, piece of cake.”

Courtesy of Narodny Team and Keeping Current Matters, listed below are only a few of the many reasons why FSBO’s now represent only 8% of the country’s homes on the market (a portion of which actually sell):

  • Most homeowners think they have the nicest house on the block, and usually list a price to reflect that sentiment, driving buyers away.

  • Not understanding how to market a home will drastically influence the end price received.

  • It helps to have an advocate who knows what finishes and home designs the general population is seeking.

  • Most homeowners are not equipped to expose the property to its full potential to garner the highest price.

  • 95% of home shoppers begin their search online. This makes the FSBO process a pointless endeavor for the non tech-savvy population.

  • There are many parties to negotiate with - buyer, buyer’s agent, inspection bids, etc. Often times the seller does not know how or struggles to find the best methods to come out on top when negotiating with these populations. It helps to have an advocate and keep these parties at arms length.

  • The paperwork involved in a real estate transaction has increased dramatically.

  • You net more money when working with an agent.

Saving on the commission does not always mean that you save money. The level of exposure and quality of online impression made to the potential home buyers will directly influence the value of the home. Without an experienced real estate agent, the price will get deflated, in some cases far more than the commission cost.

By hiring an agent, you take the workload off of your shoulders, stay protected, and well...save money!

Alex Narodny

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