Finding San Anselmo, CA Homes for Sale

Posted by Alex Narodny on Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 7:17am.

San Anselmo is an upscale community located in Marin County, CA. Homes for sale in this area have an average price of $1 million. The area is characterized by having a very cohesive sense of community, excellent school districts and for being a safe environment. The area is also home to large tracts of land which are beacons for those who enjoy hiking, biking and other sports that involve spending time in the great outdoors. While the $1 million mark may seem exclusive to some buyers, a full 30% of the available homes in this area hover around the $700,000 mark.

San Anselmo is very much connected to the city of San Francisco itself without being overwhelmed by the frenzy of the city. Those who work in the city will find ample public transportation that can take them to and from the city. There are bus lines available that service the ferry directly to most neighborhoods. This makes the area something of a different choice when one is considering a residence which involves a commute to the city. The city is only 25-35 minutes away compared to the hours sometimes involved in commutes from other parts of the Bay Area to San Francisco.

San Anselmo homes for sale generally move quickly. In very popular areas of the community, such as Sleepy Hollow, there are typically around 10 homes for sale at any given time. These communities tend to be places where people come to live for the long term and the excellent school districts give residents a motivation to stick around for the good of their children’s education. Combined with the very safe and family-friendly environment, there are many reasons to stay in this community and very few reasons that one would wish to move on.

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