Choosing Among Marin County, CA Homes for Sale

Posted by Alex Narodny on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 3:44pm.

Marin County, CA homes for sale comprise some of the most diverse and generally upscale options on the market. There are very significant reasons that this area has remained consistently popular and one of those reasons is the diverse selection of homes available. Rather than being characterized by the oftentimes bland selections available in other parts of the Bay Area, Marin County has its own look and feel and the homes tend to be very personal and not the commonplace looking tract housing that has taken over vast stretches of the Bay Area.

Marin County, CA homes for sale are oftentimes sought by those who live in San Francisco and either want some distance from the city itself or who want an easier commute than what they would have from the East Bay or from Contra Costa County. Marin has ferry service to the city and it’s only 25-35 minutes to San Francisco via that mode of transportation. There are extensive bus lines in Marin which serve as feeders for the ferry and which offer a very pleasant alternative to waiting in one’s car for hours on the Bay Bridge every morning and afternoon before and after work.

Marin County, CA homes for sale also attract those who are looking for more natural places in which to spend their time. There is plenty of parkland in this area and Wine Country is just a short drive away. Many of the residents of this area spend their free time mountain biking, hiking and doing other activities that allow them to get away from it all and to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscapes. When people say they wish to live close to a city but somewhere peaceful and not overly-crowded, Marin is likely exactly what they have in mind.

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