A December to Remember - Marin Real Estate Market News.

Posted by Alex Narodny on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 at 10:13am.

Looking at the numbers and sensing the direction of the market, we see opportunities abound for both buyers and sellers.


  • 654 homes for sale
  • 500 are single family homes 
  • 40% of homes are in escrow
  • Lowest we've seen for December in ten years 
Holidays 2011 Marin Real Estate NewsInventory is low because of the time of year and also because some sellers are standing in the sidelines.  These Seller know they have to move in the next year but are watching the economic and political gyrations and silently hoping it will all affect the housing market in a positive way. However, as they evaluate their options, there is an opportunity for serious sellers to have their home made available to serious buyers who come out over the holidays.

As buyers search for a home over the next 2 months, they will only see what is available and their estimate of value will be based on what else they can buy. These "holiday buyers" don't have time to wait for the increase in inventory that will happen in the Spring and make quick decisions. That's why we encourage sellers to consider the fact that the value of their home is highest when inventory is the lowest

Serious buyers need not look in the paper for what is available but contact a professional agent who has the networking and contacts in place to find what you are looking for.  We put serious buyers and sellers together. 

We do want to wish our readers, clients and all those with whom we have the pleasure of knowing, the very best holiday season.  We are bursting with optimism and enthusiasm for the coming year. Thank you and do let us know how we can help make it the greatest year for you.

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