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Marin is hot, hot, hot right now! And no, we aren’t referring to that blissful Indian Winter we were experiencing.

Demand is way up! Everyone wants to live in the lush and lucrative county just north of the most attractive city in the country! Can you blame them?

Unfortunately, the real property supply does not match its demand by eager new residents.

The major reasons for the low supply include affordability, low interest rates, underwater homeowners, fewer foreclosed properties and high rents.

Affordability and low interest rates make it easier for prospective buyers to get financing and become candidates for loans creating a multitude of well-qualified buyers from which the sellers to choose. 

This combination creates a chaotic situation for

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259 Madrone Ave, Larkspur. Lot 69

Have you ever spent a day in the Muir Woods Redwood Grove? While meandering through those ancient beasts have you ever considering plopping down and making a home right there. Ever thought how perfect it would be to live surrounded by the majesty and serenity of nature; how your dream house could really become your ideal home if only these towering redwood trees enveloped it. Do you desire waking up to the chirping of wild life and feeling its virility around you everyday?  Well Madrone Canyon, in the heart of Larkspur, is where you can find all of that and more!

Our new listing, 259 Madrone, encompasses all that a nature lover, or simply someone with an active lifestyle, could appreciate.  Close to bike trails,

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San Francisco is currently suffering from a housing availability crisis. With low inventory available and an almost constant influx of newly hired employees looking to buy or rent, it is next to impossible to find a decently priced home in a good neighborhood.  According to the city planning department only about 4,000 housing units have been added in the past three years, for roughly 10,000 new households, rent is up 17%, and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. The four main reasons for the current housing debacle are as follows:

1. Years of insufficient housing production coupled with a booming economy have finally caught up to the city

2. Stringent regulations for development make building any kind of housing difficult and…
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Affordability will be key in the 2014 Housing Market. With new inventory coming on and a plethora of buyers already looking for their dream homes, there will be plenty to go around for everyone, as long as buyers can get financing.  The economic experts have been predicting a rise in mortgage rates for 2014. That forecast is due to a few different aspects of current economic trends in the US. New laws surrounding Qualified Mortgage loans were enacted the tenth of this month in order to create safer loans by prohibiting or limiting certain high-risk products and features. Housing groups worry that changes meant to shield Americans from abusive lending practices that contributed to the financial crisis will make it harder for many to buy homes. But experts

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Housing Market Changes in 2014

The rise in the price of homes, particularly in the Marin County area, mirrors the seller’s market that is currently being maintained here in Marin. Inventory was down due to the holidays and if that trend remains steady there will be a greater escalation of home values in 2014.

Our experts predict an 8% to 12% mean increase in home value in Marin, while experts at Zillow and Trulia are expecting lower numbers between 3% and 8% nationally. Houses should start coming on the market more rapidly now that most people have returned from vacation and are anxious to get on before the springtime.

As this occurs, home prices in 2014 will likely rise more slowly than in 2013. Surpassing the expectations of many economists, the

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Modern living - Magnificent views - Mill Valley

This ridge-top home has 180-degree views encompassing the entire Bay Area. Breathtaking panoramas of San Francisco, East Bay, Angel Island, Bay and Richmond Bridges, and Azure Bay are clearly seen from almost every room in the house.


With a striking design by Polsky Perlstein Architects, this home assaults your senses immediately upon entry.  The open floor plan magnifies the setting, leaving you to constantly gaze at the surrounding magnificence. The spectacular views, gardens, and outdoor entertaining areas convey a perfect balance of luxury and comfort.

Great care has been taken so that this four bedroom, three and a half bath home is the essence of tranquility and wonder.

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The Fairfax real estate market is exceptionally dynamic because of the advantages of buying property in the town. Fairfax is a small urban area with a population of 7,500 people. The attractive location and proximity to San Francisco increase its popularity even further. 

Interested in buying real estate in Fairfax? Here is everything you need to know about the region, the price of property and the specifics of the local real estate market.

A Guide to the Town and the Region

An interesting fact about Fairfax is that it is the only town in the United States that has a Green Party majority in its governing council. Located in Marin County, California, it lies just 3.5 miles away from San Rafael.

According to the 2010 United States Census, there were

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Marin County Real Estate Market Update by Peter Narodny 

The rebound is here! Currently there are 669 homes on the market in Marin of which 293 are in escrow. That 44% is indicative of a big increase in demand and very low inventory and with the median price jumping 18% over last year, the prediction is of continued growth.  For Marin, the forecasted average appreciation for 2014 is 8%. There are some caveats that go with this prediction which include interest rates, government antics, and the overall economic outlook. Any home appreciation will be the result of demand and pricing, but when inventory jumps by 30% in the spring, and buyers have more to choose from, prices will stabilize until supply levels off. 

For sellers who are ready to sell, this

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reailotrSelling a home can be a long and drawn out process. Too many people think that simply putting a sign up on the front lawn will have potential buyers knocking down their doors. It doesn’t work that way! A lot of hard work goes into selling a property. It’s essential that you find the right real estate professional to market your property and get your home sold fast.

Personality Plus

It’s really important that you contract with a realtor you can get along well with. Most real estate agents are outgoing and friendly people. The realtor you select should be a people person who is confident in their ability to find the right buyer for your property.

Enough Experience

Although everyone needs to start out in their careers somewhere, selling a home

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