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If you are looking for the perfect place in California’s San Francisco Bay area to raise a family or buy a home, San Anselmo may be the perfect destination.  This upscale area offers some of the most uniquely designed and architecturally wondrous homes in the state.  With a starting price around $800,000, these homes are truly something special.  San Anselmo real estate is rather diverse, much like the landscape of the town itself.  Whether you are seeking a scenic home high in the hills or a quiet family destination in the beautiful flats, you can certainly find it here.

There are many marvelous homes to choose from in San Anselmo.  Many of these architect designed properties offer ornate embellishments, modern designs, and lavish features.  Whether you

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Located in Marin County, California, Mill Valley is known for its beautiful homes nestled among the redwoods. The town is just 12 miles from San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge. With Richardson Bay to the southeast, and Mount Tamalpais to the east, Mill Valley is one of the most picturesque areas in California.

One of the reasons people search for Mill Valley homes for sale, is to live in the mild climate. Average temperatures in the summer stay in the mid 70’s and winter temperatures average in the mid 50’s. The extremes rarely go above 90 or below freezing. Fog often evades from the bay in the mornings, keeping the temperatures cool, but burns off as the sun climbs into the sky. The wet months fall between November and March, with the drier

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Sleepy Hollow in Marin County is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Marin. With a population of approximately 3000, it is close to the towns of San Anselmo and Fairfax. The large lots and spacious homes along with the excellent schools, the weather, the safety and the sense of neighborhood which it offers, makes it most desirable. Surrounded by open space it is a hikers and bikers paradise and  it offers tennis, hiking and its clubhouse and pool has consistently produced one of the top swim teams in the county.

The average price of a home in the Hollow is approximately $1.2 million with an inventory of 12-14 homes. There are homes for every need and taste, from the ranch style home on a flat lot to a modern Mediterranean with spectacular

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ca_sunset_400As we head into the end of the year we are seeing positive activity in real estate sales. We have a high of 34% of the 1350 available homes in escrow. We realize that the scramble of first time home buyers for the $8000 credit is part of that along with the number of short sales and foreclosures being snatched up by investors. Nevertheless the high end - over $2mill - is also moving with 12% of the 200 homes in escrow. We are optimistic about next year, not that prices are going up but that interest rates will stay down and activity will increase. This is all good and if you're a buyer or seller there are some things to consider in your decision making for the next few months.

Marin County Home Buyers, don't wait to buy. There has never been more

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014californiahills_400A Marin County, CA realtor faces challenges similar to those faced by realtors in other regions of the Bay Area but has the benefit of having some of the best inventory on the market. The homes in this area tend to be upscale and inventories tend to be low. This county boasts extensive tracts of land appropriate for outdoor activities, school districts with a commitment to excellence and a sense of community which is rare in areas as large and as bustling as is the Bay Area. For home buyers, finding the right realtor is essential.

A Marin County, CA realtor has to have an extensive knowledge of the area and a constantly updated list of the inventory on the market. The homes here tend to not be available for long and the real estate in this area is

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Marin real estate agent services enable home buyers to have a good chance of finding exactly the home they want in one of the most competitive real estate markets anywhere. This market is upscale and the facilities and public services in this area make it extremely popular, especially with families. The homes in this area commonly carry a price tag of $1 million which indicates that, whichever home is on the market, it is in enough demand that even a depressed real estate market in general doesn’t make it a less desirable purchase.

A Marin real estate agent needs to make certain that their clients are aware of any new inventory that comes available. Some communities in this area, such as Sleepy Hollow and Mill Valley, are much sought-after and inventory

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San Anselmo, CA is one of the more upscale and luxurious areas of Marin County. Situated just north of San Francisco, this Bay Area community offers a sense of separation and respite from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco but is still within the space of an easy commute for those who work in the city but do not desire to live there full-time. This community is very popular and finding San Anselmo, CA homes for sale generally requires that one engage the services of a realtor to ensure that one is availed of the best options.sananselmo_336

San Anselmo, CA homes for sale generally start at around $1 million. This community, on the whole, tends to be affluent. There are usually a number of homes available whose prices are closer to $700,000, as well. There are areas

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Like real estate throughout the country, Marin County, CA real estate is subject to the fluctuations of the market. This area, however, has remained consistently popular with residents of the Bay Area and beyond. Part of this is the constancy of the market. While many areas see a continuous flood of new housing erected almost constantly, Marin County has the characteristic of being a stable community with a great deal of upscale housing. These communities also provide residents excellent access to the many areas of natural beauty which characterize this county.

Marin County also has the advantage of being close to San Francisco but not so close that every community feels as if it’s in a major urban center. Despite this sense of removal from the hustle

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Marin County homes for sale, on the whole, tend to be upscale affairs whose residents are attracted to the area by the safety, security and sense of community most areas of this county afford. This region is geographically large and begins above the Golden Gate Bridge where Mill Valley offers a laid-back lifestyle very close to all the city has to offer. Other communities in the county including Sleepy Hollow, San Rafael and the many other cities have their own advantages and have become very popular with families who want something more out of the Bay Area.

Marin County homes for sale tend to be few in number and they move relatively quickly. Much of the reason for this is that this area is stable, not a home to the endless tract housing developments

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With the real estate market having undergone one of the largest adjustments in the last 100 years, many individuals are left wondering about buying in the Bay Area and if San Anselmo real estate is the right choice. The answer to those questions largely depends upon the individual’s wants and needs as far as lifestyle goes and whether they’re looking for a home that is more individualized than what is generally available on the market. This community does offer a genuine sense of cohesiveness, something which is rare these days.

San Anselmo real estate is in the upscale bracket in the vast majority of cases. This community is popular with affluent individuals, especially with those who have school-age children. This area boasts some of the finest school

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