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Because of the changing fronts on the economic and political horizon, and the resulting informational confusion, we're coming to the end of what has been one of the roughest and most frustrating years in Marin real estate. The overall economic outlook is one of a slow recovery from a deep recession. However, the economy faces some serious headwinds and there are several factors that will affect what that recovery might look like. Unemployment is a big one, and that will affect everyone, from the graduate who can't find a job and has to stay at home, to the breadwinner that has lost his job from downsizing. We expect the Fed to pump more money into the economy with a second round of quantitative easing (QE2), but continuing high unemployment could mitigate

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There are going to be some bumps in the road, and homeowners cannot expect any kind of discernible inflationary trend in home prices for a few years. Having said that, we all know that regardless of the market conditions, there sellers that have to sell and buyers that have to buy,  and there are some great opportunities out there.

From a seller's standpoint, what we know about the holidays is that January is traditionally the biggest month for transferees and re-location buyers and you need to make yourself available if you want to capture that market. We know buyers are also more emotional over the holidays, they are more serious, and they make quicker decisions, and they only see what is on the market at the time. In addition, as we said in our last

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Currently there are 1480 homes on the market in Marin and 28% of those are pending. The inventory is going to drop further in December and yet buyers do come out and buy over the holidays, so the pending  percentage will go up as the number of available homes drops.  Under $1million there are 1002 homes of which 33% are in escrow. In the $1 -$2 million range there are 289 homes of which 22% are in escrow and over $2 million there are 193 homes,  and only 12% are in escrow. This disparity is typical of all of California where there is far more activity in the lower price range. What is interesting is that in the luxury home arena,  we are seeing easier qualifying for loans and several all-cash deals. There are some very qualified buyers in the higher price

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We're heading into the last few months of the year and the real estate market is holding steady. The numbers have dipped slightly but some of that has to do with the time of year. There are approximately 1270 homes  on the market of which 316 are in escrow. That 27% in  escrow is the same as it was in our last report in June. Inventory is down and so is the number of sales, and the general public keeps getting inundated with the media reports on the volatile stock market, the stagnant employment  picture and the gruesome state of the California economy. So how does all this affect you as a homeowner? Here are the two most frequent questions we get asked:

1. Should we sell now to buy or wait for the market to improve? Answer: Time is not your friend in…
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 According to C.A.R. starting January 1, 2011, a seller's first trust deed lender cannot obtain a deficiency judgment against the seller after a short sale. This only pertains to the purchase money loan for the property. The Governor just vetoed the bill that would have extended California's anti-deficiency protection laws to cover re-finance loans. What this means is that if you have refinanced your home and are considering a short sale or going through one, and the amount collected on the short sale is less than the amount of the re-financed loan, you could be subject to a deficiency judgments for the balance. However, since every persons situation is different, and every  lender may have different  requirements, be sure you check with your financial

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123 Crescent Ave., Sausalito

Living in Sausalito implies, water views, exciting architecture and living just a little on the edge. It implies a certain stylish sophistication but with a warmth and a novelty that makes for an exciting lifestyle. This home has all these qualities. With exotic curb appeal, this home delights the senses with dramatic vistas of the City and the bay from most rooms. There are two bedrooms, one and half baths on the main level and a separate bedrsuite/office with full kitchen on the lower level. 4928_02_400

Vaulted redwood ceilings and grandiose vistas from the many windows and skylights create exceptional light in this stunning contemporary home. The eyes wander over an interior that feels more like a sculpture than a home.

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San Anselmo is becoming more and more popular with buyers looking for that Marin town that "has it all". The town itself is small with unique shops, renowned antiques, boutiques and galleries with a wonderful choice of restaurants. The neighborhood is easily accessible to San Francisco with easy access to the freeway and has some of the best schools in the county with numerous playgrounds, parks and outdoor activities scattered throughout the area. There are certain neighborhoods within San Anselmo that offer choices of homes for every need and budget. Sleepy Hollow has larger lots and is close to open space, horseback riding and cycling facilities. There are several homes there that cater to  the  high end luxury market with gorgeous grounds.  The

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For the purpose of this conversation,  I am calling a high end luxury home any home over $2 million. Marin County has a wide variety of choices in  luxury homes to fix every need, lifestyle, and pocketbook. Currently, there are 343 luxury homes on the market to choose from, with the majority of those being in Belvedere, Tiburon, Mill Valley,  Kentfield and Ross. If you want views and a closer proximity to  San Francisco, then Belvedere, Tiburon and Mill Valley are your best bets. If you want warmer weather and larger lots, then Kentfield and Ross are where you want to look. The public  schools are excellent in all of these areas  and there are also some excellent choices of private schools within the county.

Out of the 343 luxury homes on the market, 18

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marin_ca_337We’re one week past Labor Day and Marin is back into full swing. Kids are back in school, most vacations are over, and traffic is jamming again. Just this week 107 new homes have been put on the market, increasing inventory to just over 1600. That dropped our homes in escrow by 2% from a month ago to 23%. The good news is that in the last 3 months, 705 homes have sold at an average price of $925k. If you deduct the 200 condos that sold, the average price of a single family was $1,040,000.


So where do we go from here? The lowest interest rates we have ever seen and the tax breaks are a huge factor in buying activity, but yet there is something else. The New York Times just featured an article  “A Dream House After All” in which they say that

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11 Forrest Ave., San Anselmo


Light and airy contemporary home in pristine condition. Private setting, high ceilings and an inviting open floor plan. The interior architecture incorporates angles to provide a sense of openness. Multiple windows draw the eye to the hillside views and fill the rooms with direct and indirect sunlight. Outside, exquisite landscaping, decks, patio and privacy. 4923_02_400

A home of quality, located in the flats of San Anselmo, in a central and convenient location, near playground, high school and downtown San Anselmo and Fairfax. It is rare for a home with such a combination of feaures to come on the market.



  • Three Bedrooms, Two And One Half Baths
  • Approx. 2065 Square Feet
  • Open Floor Plan Living Room, Dining Room and
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